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Baby / Kid Product Uses

Planet Wise Products are a Must-Have for any Growing Family!

With every growing family comes new obstacles, new challenges, and new messes! That's where Planet Wise steps in to help you keep your family clean, happy, and smelling pleasant without creating a mountain of waste in the process. Is it wet? Does it smell? Our seam-sealed Wet Bags and Pails Liners hold in leaks and contain smells. Then, toss them in the laundry and they're ready to reuse! Sick of adding garbage to landfills after lunch every day? Check out the Planet Wise Reusable Snack Line.

Wet Bags

Inevitably, where there are children, there are messes. Dirty, smelly, sticky, wet clothes, diapers, shoes, etc. And where do you put these things? If you're at home they might go straight into the wash. If you're not, hopefully you have a Wet Bag with you!

  • Is It Wet? - Every Planet Wise Wet Bag is seam-sealed and waterproof below the zipper, perfect for holding wet diapers, clothes, etc...
  • Does It Smell? - The same seam-sealing also holds in odors! Use a Wet Bag to store a dirty diaper and you won't have to smell like one!
  • Easy To Clean - Once you're home with your smelly items, cleaning is easy. Just toss the contents of your Wet Bag into the wash, and throw the Wet Bag with them.
  • Potty Training - Keep a dry set of underwear and pants in a small bag. When accidents happen, the clean clothes come out and the wet ones go in!
  • Organize - Use Small bag to keep diaper bag essentials in one spot - Tylenol, spoons, pacifiers, bottles, teethers...

Wet/Dry Bags

Have clean items you'd like to store along with the wet ones? Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags are ready for you! With a separate zippered dry pocket in the front, you can store wet items with seam-sealed, waterproof confidence while dry items stay cozy and clean.

  • Training On The Road - Keep your travel potty seat in the dry pocket on trips. If it gets dirty, simply toss it in the wet pocket.
  • Waterproof - Dirty, wet, and smelly items still have a home in the waterproof pocket, just like the standard Wet Bags.
  • Diaper Bag - Use the Wet/Dry Bag in place of a diaper bag. Dry items in the front, dirty items in the back.
  • Daycare - The Hanging bag is great for daycare! Use it in place of a diaper pail. Take it with you at the end of the day to wash your cloth diapers.
  • Travel Hamper - Bring the Hanging Wet/Dry Bag on trips. Keep clean clothes in front pocket and dirty clothes in waterproof pocket.
  • Contain Spills - Keep baby food in a Travel size bag. Any spills stay in the bag and are easy to clean!

Roll-Down Wet Bags

For especially wet items Planet Wise has made Medium and Large Wet Bags with a special roll-down and snap top. Rolling the bag's fabric down over the zipper makes these Wet Bags even more water-proof, helping to prevent wicking and leaks!

  • Wet Clothes - Have a little one fall in the fountain or get caught in the rain? A Roll-Down Wet Bag is perfect for sopping-wet clothes.
  • Extra Smelly - Run into a particularly stinky diaper? The roll-down bag top also help hold in odors!

Pail Liners

There are already a few too many garbage bags sitting in landfills. Planet Wise wants to help! Washable, waterproof, reusable pail liners mean less waste and are the perfect in-home solution for cloth diapering.

  • Generously Sized - Topped with a long elastic band, Planet Wise Pail Liner will fit most garbage cans or diaper pails.
  • Washable - Unlike a regular garbage bag, when you're ready to wash your diapers you can just toss the Pail Liner in with them.
  • Leak-proof! - Using the same seam-sealing technology that makes Planet Wise Wet Bags great, our Pail Liner are leak-proof and odor resistant!

Wipes and Pouches

Another great way to save a little money around the house is to make your own wet wipes! Planet Wise Wipes are made of soft flannel, perfect for baby's bottom. Wet wipes ready to roll? Put them in a Planet Wise Wipe Pouch to keep them wet and you dry.

  • No Wicking - Worried your wet wipes will drip? The snap-down design of our wipe pouch help eliminate wicking through the zipper.
  • More Uses - Planet Wise Flannel Wipes are great for more than just baby. They double as a wash cloth, polishing or dusting rag, they're even soft enough to use on DVD's.

Changing Pads / Waterproof Pads

Changing pads are an obvious necessity for keeping your baby clean, and keeping your changing surface clean. Why not make the process colorful and cute!

  • Convenient Size - Planet Wise Changing Pads fold or roll to a very small size, making them an easy addition to any purse or diaper bag.
  • Soft - Made with super soft no-pill fleece to keep your baby comfortable.
  • Waterproof - A layer of waterproof anti-microbial PUL is used as in inner layer in every Changing Pad. No leak-throughs here!

Nursing Covers

Planet Wise supports breastfeeding mothers! We also know it's not always an option to breastfeed privately. To help, we have an inexpensive collection of cute prints to keep momma covered.

  • Easy To Store - Each Planet Wise Nursing Cover comes in a small, zippered, matching bag, making them easy to add to a diaper bag.
  • Pocket - A convenient pocket on the Nursing Cover is the perfect place to put keys, cell phone, etc. when you need both hands for baby.

Bag Your Snack Stuff™

Snacks, school lunches, treats, food for the car. Let's face it, kids are hungry. So why waste plastic baggies when you can wash and re-use Snack and Sandwich bags from Planet Wise?

  • Snacks - Planet Wise Snack Bags are the perfect size for the littlest members of the family. Cheerios, goldfish, their snack of choice is easy to take on the road in a bag they can open and close themselves.
  • Easy To Clean - To clean, simply wipe with a wet cloth or sponge like hand-washing dishes. Or if you wish, just throw the bag in with your laundry!
  • Baby Items - Have a small item you want to keep clean like a teether or a pacifier? Toss it in a snack bag to separate it from the jumble.
  • Placemat - Going on a picnic? The Planet Wise Sandwich Wrap doubles as a placement for just such an occasion.