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Washing Instructions

Planet Wise Snack Bag Helpful Tips!


Our Snack Bag lining is EVA. It is specifically formulated to our specifications. It is the same material that has been used in hospital IV bags and food containers for years. We do not recommend microwave use.


Wash the bags as you would your dishes - they are Top-Wrack Dishwasher Safe! Or wash by hand with dish soap, and rinse with water. Air dry on a drying rack or towel dry. Folding the closure flap into the bag will help keep it open to dry! The bags can alternatively be washed on warm/cold in your washing machine with clothing, we do not recommend drying in the dryer.


Planet Wise Wet Bag Helpful Tips!


The lining used in our "Wet Bags" is PUL, a material that will melt if high heat is used during washing and/or drying. When you are washing or drying your products, be careful to not wash or dry them with anything that will snag the PUL. For example, if you use hook and loop diapers, make sure the tabs are secured on the laundry tabs. Snagged, torn and/or ripped PUL or material is not covered in our Warranty. If your product has a hole in it and it is unused, please return the product to your Retailer.


We do not recommend using a detergent with brighteners and/or additives. These detergents may contain bleach additives. Bleach will destroy the PUL (lining material) of your product. Using vinegar, baking soda, oxygen cleaners, harsh chemicals, and oils will shorten the life of your product and destroy the PUL. Damage caused from using brighteners/additives is not covered in our Warranty.


To ensure longevity with our products, they should be washed on a Warm/Cold Temperature setting. In addition, high-speed washers can be factors in the wear and tear of your product. High-speed washers have caused damage to our products when the vigorous spin cycle is used, in addition to the high heat wash of the sanitation cycle that these washers have. Because our products are, in most cases, used daily and washed up to 3 times a week, this is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered in our Warranty. Therefore, wear and tear on our products is not considered a manufacturer defect. Sometimes, you may find that the bag will fill up with water in your wash cycle. You will need to hang the bag so that the water can drip out of the fabric side of the bag. You can squeeze the water out. You may want to wash the bag again, as dirty water could have been trapped inside and may cause odors, as well. The bags have a waterproof layer with a non-waterproof outer layer, so this is common and not considered a defect.


The product needs to be tumble dried (air or low heat) or line-dried. If line-dried outdoors, the sun's UV rays and high heat will shorten the life of your product. A high heat dryer will destroy the lining (PUL) of your product. Our products are made with materials that will be damaged or ruined in high heat. Because of this, you need to be very careful what your dryer setting is before you dry them. We are not responsible for products that have been damaged due to high heat temperatures. This is not a manufacturer defect.


If you have heard that using high heat will "reseal" the PUL lining, this is false. You should not treat the PUL with any harsh products or high heat. A mild detergent and warm water is all you need to clean and care for our products.


If you are having trouble with odors, the product is not considered defective. Our products will deter most smells, but not all. Leaving dirty, smelly items in your bag for an extended period of time can cause odors. Also, you need to make sure that the bag is completely dry before putting wet or moist items in the bag. If you encounter odors in your bag, you can wash your bag separately for a couple washes without dirty items.


If your bag is wicking moisture, you will need to first inspect the lining for damage. If the lining is damaged from something other than a material defect, this is not covered under our Warranty. If you do not see any damage to the lining, fill the bag up with several inches of water. Squeeze and swoosh the water around inside the bag without tipping the bag upside down. If the bag does not leak, it is still waterproof and the wicking moisture must be coming from some other source. If the bag leaks with water filled in the bag, and there are no holes or damage caused from another source, this is covered under our Warranty.


If the handle on your bag has torn due to heavy use, and normal wear and tear, it is not covered under our Warranty. If the handle or snap is defective within 60 days of purchase, this is covered under our Warranty.